2008-01-20 Ted PercivalCorrect version number to 0.9.1+20071204-2 debian-unstable debian-unstable/0.9.1+20071204-2
2008-01-20 Ted PercivalMerge branch 'debian-unstable' of ssh://
2008-01-20 Ted PercivalTarget unstable, ready for the 0.9.1+20071204-3 release
2008-01-20 Ted PercivalBreak a dependency loop between config.status and configure
2008-01-20 Ted PercivalFix execution of commands with absolute paths (closes...
2007-12-09 Ted PercivalMerge changelog entries to match uploaded package debian-unstable/0.9.1+20071204-1
2007-12-07 Ted PercivalDon't create usr/bin
2007-12-07 Ted PercivalRemove "no changes" regarding Standards-Version
2007-12-07 Ted PercivalClarify GPL version
2007-12-07 Ted PercivalUpdate to Standards-Version, no changes.
2007-12-07 Ted PercivalMove Homepage into its own package header
2007-12-05 Ted PercivalDon't use fakeroot when building the orig-source archive
2007-12-05 Ted PercivalRemove symlink for gcc-2.95 and add symlink for gcc...
2007-12-05 Ted PercivalDynamically link glibc instead of statically linking...
2007-12-05 Ted PercivalDocument the fix for compiler versions in debian/NEWS
2007-12-05 Ted PercivalThe Python-Version warning is bogus
2007-12-05 Ted PercivalUse fakeroot when building the orig-source archive
2007-12-04 Ted PercivalUpdate VCS URIs for new Git repository
2007-12-04 Ted PercivalAdd debian/TODO file
2007-12-04 Ted PercivalPrevent the configure script fiddling with debian/changelog
2007-12-04 Ted PercivalPatch for bug #447832: Additional symlinks invoke wrong...
2007-12-04 Ted PercivalUpdate changelog
2007-12-04 Ted PercivalMake sure the makefile exists before running the "clean...
2007-12-04 Ted PercivalSimpler method of installing gccontrol without its...
2007-12-04 Ted PercivalUpdate changelog for 0.9.1+20071204-1
2007-12-04 Ted PercivalAdd get-orig-source-hg target for getting current upstr...
2007-12-04 Ted PercivalAdd original changes as patches
2007-12-04 Ted PercivalDon't ignore errors in $(MAKE) distclean
2007-12-04 Ted PercivalForce-disable stack protector as it is incompatible...
2007-12-04 Ted PercivalDon't create symlinks for gcc-4.0 as it is no longer...
2007-12-04 Ted PercivalUpdate changelog
2007-12-04 Ted PercivalUpdate CVS control info to official fields
2007-12-04 Ted PercivalUpdate repository URI
2007-12-04 Ted PercivalMove distcc from Recommends to Suggests
2007-12-04 Ted PercivalUpdate Debian Standards-Version to
2007-12-04 Ted PercivalFix ".sp" showing up in manpages instead of paragraph...
2007-12-04 Ted PercivalUpdate to Debian Python Policy
2007-12-04 Ted PercivalAdd XS-X-Vcs-Hg tag to source package
2007-12-04 Ted PercivalOnly use dietlibc if it is available. Fixes FTBFS on...
2007-12-04 Ted PercivalAdd trailing '/' to upstream URI (trivial)
2007-12-04 Ted PercivalChange distcc from "Depends" to "Recommends"
2007-12-04 Ted PercivalCredit Paul Russell <> for compiler...
2007-12-04 Ted PercivalCreate correct symlinks for cross-compiled packages
2007-12-04 Ted PercivalRemove generated files in `debian/rules clean`
2007-12-04 Ted PercivalAdd get-orig-source target
2007-12-04 Ted PercivalUpdated Debian packaging
2007-12-04 Ted PercivalUpstream debian packaging