Privacy Policy

Nerts does not collect any user-identifiable information.

Nerts does not require any Android permissions to install or run.

Nerts is available from online app stores including the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store. The app stores have their own privacy policies that apply to your purchase and how the app stores handle your information.

Billing information may be collected by the app store. Some billing information may be shared by the app store with the Nerts developer. As of March 2015, this only includes the postal code & country of purchase. Billing information made available by app stores is not used or shared by the Nerts developer.

Aggregate demographic information such as number of users per country and number of users per device type may be collected by the app store and used by the developer.

Nerts does not transmit any information over the network. It may make occasional license checks via the Android license check system. These are pass/fail checks used only to determine access at runtime and license test results are not shared with the Nerts developer.

No information from your use of Nerts is sold, rented, or shared in any way.

Aggregate statistics regarding access to this website may be collected.

Logs regarding specific access to this website are kept which may include the requesting IP address, web browser, and HTTP referrer. Web server access logs are only used for technical purposes (eg. ensuring that the site is available) and for law enforcement purposes if there is unauthorized access. Logs are purged after one year.

Last updated 2015-03-17. First published 2015-03-17.